Better code, better site security.

June 29th, 2016

Puppet Labs, a devops software provider, has been publishing an annual “State of Devops” report for the past five years, but this year’s findings are particularly interesting to those working in the digital security field.

Paul Krill of InfoWorld recently published an insightful online piece highlighting Puppet’s report findings.

Krill writes, "Organizations with high rates of code deployments spend half as much time fixing security issues as organizations without such frequent code updates..."

Puppet’s annual devops research discovered that high-performing organizations generally spend 22 percent less time on unplanned work. From a company’s bottom-line perspective, that’s a significant chunk of time that could be used elsewhere.

Here’s another powerful snippet, directly from the InfoWorld article

InfoWorld Quote

Translation: if you’re not in the position to be frequently deploying code, you can pretty much assume you’ll be mucking around in the weeds dealing with preventable security issues while your high-performing competitors are spending their free time on improving their products, staying up to speed on industry trends, and forging ahead on business development.

Puppet also pointed to high performers having more loyalty.

Employees in high-performing organizations were
 more than twice as likely to recommend their company to friends as being a great place to work. It seems that high performing organizations not only have the upper hand when it comes to time efficiency, but they also attract (and hold onto) good talent.

Click here to read Krill’s full assessment of the report and learn more about how high levels of code deployment can actually save you time and money in the long run.